Explore The Mega Biodiversity of East Borneo

oleh Yolanda Debby  Sherlytami, mahasiswa Jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Universitas Mulawarman

Orang Utan is only one of many kinds of Mega Biodiversity of East Borneo. Explore to see many other endemic animals, such as Pigmy Elephants, Rare Butterfly species, other kind of fauna and wildlife. While admiring the rich flora and fauna, your way of can pump your adrenaline as it is adventure in itself; Jungle Safari Trekking, Rafting, River Boating, Off-road touring or Traditional River Boating. The natural beauty of the forest and rivers, the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Dayak people and the conversation value of In the Heart of Borneo mostly in Kayan Mentarang National Park, make the area an extraordinary ecotourism destination.


You will find in this package many attractions and interesting places. Travelling by a 4×4 jeep, Fun Rafting in Loreh River and staying in a jungle lodge near Martin Billa waterfall in the middle of a tropical jungle will give you an unforgettable Borneo experience. In Setulang Village you will stay with Dayak Lun Dayeh people, and you can be singing and dancing with them all night long. Trekking in Ulen Forest will give extra exercises to your feet and feast to your eyes. Ending the trip by river boating to amazing Semolon Hot Spring and Waterfall will etch this unique trip in your memory forever.


A perfect way to see up close how traditional agriculture has helped carve beautiful enclaves in the East Kalimantan landscape is to take a tour of the rice paddies around the old village sites and ancient burial grounds. You will be guided through the history of the area and the production cycle of the famous organic Adan rice (renowed local variety). You may also join the celebration after the rice harvesting time. Flying with a small aircraft will start your memorable journey to this remote area. This package includes several trekking alternatives to tropical forest, staying with Dayak people, learning how they play music and dancing, discovering the beauty of Raflesia Pricei and Black Orchid (Coelogyme Pandurata) and Pitcher Plants (Nepenthaceae). Salt making is a characteristic activity in the Krayan area since the olden days which worth visiting and will add a unique note in your journal. Entering through Malaysia is an alternative way to visit the area.


Catch a small aircraft to Krayan Hulu (Upper Krayan), and stay in Kenyah Village home stay. Boating through the river will take you to interesting archeological sites, Sicien Stone that you can climb, ancient burial sites and bat caves. You may also learn how Dayak people produce honey. Traditional dancing, music with special Dayak Drama will be additional experiences for. By traditional boat you will catch other interesting places with beautiful paddy fields, Bamboo Forest, interesting rock carvings with human figures which testify to the long history of human settlement in the highlands of Krayan. You will also explore the salt spring where local people still produce Mountain Salt.


Rafting in the deep tropical jungle is so challenging. Wildlife watching is an enjoyable experience and tasteful Pelian fish will make your BBQ night warmer. Stay a night with Dayak Punan people and learn how they survive in the forest. Bird watching will be an additional attraction and the beautiful birds that can be ‘trapped’ with your camera.


Enjoy another area that provides various River Safari experiences, including traditional home-stays, cultural performances and the surprising former WWF Tropical Forest Research Station, in Lalut Birai. While exploring the rivers you can stop by to see an ancient burial stone site, hot springs, waterfalls and to visit the grasslands of Long Tua, upstream from Apau Ping, a unique ecosystem home to one of the last remaining populations of wild Bantengs (Bos Javanicus) in Borneo. Other wildlife like deer and wild Bearded Pigs (sus Barbatus) can be easily seen graze early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Performances of the famous hornbill dance and old rituals will be an added experience and amusement in your trip.


The enclave and view of the 50 meter high U’ung Melu’ung waterfall is stunning. The water drops from a high ridge and forms a deep pool where visitors can enjoy a cool break from the heat and humidity. In the area it is easy to encounter wildlife attracted by the presence of salt leaks. The trail through the unspoiled forest to the waterfall takes a short 30 minutes from the bank of the Pujungan River. While exploring the Pujungan River you can also stop-by to see an ancient burial stone. Warm-hospitable home stays, welcoming dance performed by Dayak Kenyah people, music instrument making and playing will make your adventure more memorable.


Rafting in Boh River, so you will paddle in the deep tropical forest which covers you like a canopy. Hundreds of beautiful butterflies will follow as you raft down the river. Your camera can trap many kinds of birds including eagles which may accompany you while rafting. Find many waterfalls along the canyon that rarely visited by other people. Pump your adrenaline as you enter Mahakan River with the biggest rapid ever. Finish your rafting trip with delicious fish dishes in a floating restaurant, and stay overnight to enjoy cultural Dayak performances including the entertaining Hudog Dance. In the way back you can see an old burial site in the Big Rock.


Mahakam River with its ancient histories will attract you in this enjoyable cruise trip. See Proboscis Monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) along the river or stay to find ‘Pesut Mahakam’ a rare river mammal species which only less than 100 left. By car you can easily reach the Long House, a communal home of Dayak people, where you can watch them making intricate rattan baskets. A visit to the beautiful Inar waterfall will refresh your mind and soul, and on the way there you can also stop by to see Black Orchid (Coelogyne Pandurata) habitat in Kersik Leuway.

Source : Department of Tourism, East Borneo Province


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